Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First day in Florence

Sooo, today is my first official day in Florence! I woke up to my alarm going off at 9 sharp… fortunately I ignored it, realizing that my roommate Amanda was gonna take the first shower and I got to sleep til 9:30…however, unfortunately for Amanda, she could took quite the spill, no pun intended, anyways this was nothing short of fantastic considering after watching 101 Dalmatians and law and order svu episodes I fell asleep after 4 a.m.. got up, took a shower, the fastest one I could just in case I ran outta hot water cuz fortunately I wasn’t in need of a cold shower one… haha, after the shower I blow-dried my crazy curly hair and met my roommate Lauren, did muh makeup, got dressed all euro like and headed out for my first day out in Florence. Lauren, Traci, and I ventured out to our first orientation, sat, listened, met up w/ the rest of our roomies, was introduced to Nick, and started our first adventure to get our long lost wireless internet. Between forgetting our money, passports and everything else you could think of, we missed the modem place which was only opened from 1-4:30, lazy asses, so we walked around for a few hours in search of an internet cafĂ© and something entertain ourselves.

Walking through the markets, we were harassed by the yard. Every few feet some Italian would shoot some lame line thinking he was gonna get somewhere. I found it to be nothing short of amusing, unfortunately, they mistakened me laughing at them for positive feedback. One example “ Excuse me, Excuse me miss! Do you speak English?”, Clearly, me thinking I’m a hardass pretended like I spoke no such language and continued walking, he continues,” Miss, you dropped something!!!”, like an idiot I turn around thinking, fuck my life, I dropped my passport, but no… “See that”, this Casanova wannabe continued, “that’s my heart, it’s on the floor”… ughh so typical. So stupid lines dropped by the moments, our new friend Nick, “my boyfriend”/personal bodyguard for the day, slammed em’ all… umm she’s my girlfriend, as he covered my cleavage w/ a pamphlet as the locals admired… so funny, kid is such a sweetheart.
As we continued our endless journey around the Duomo and got our internet, we returned to our humble apartment. Slammed our apartment for every flaw, then I headed out for the last dinner w/ the fam.
Ate and drank my heart out, then continued to Astor, a bar near the Duomo w/ Trace and our roomies/ new Italian fam.

Our personal bartender/server, Vinny/ “Casanova” was nothing short of amusing. He was a fan, and w/ our first order of drinks came free shots. He told us we could get more if we climbed on the bar and danced on the poles, but being in uggs and exhausted, I refrained and got them through nothing but charm. He kept referring to us, as “Shawties”, which was never found unfunny, no matter how many times he said it.

And asked me my name, my response, “Giovanna”… I don’t need stalkers my first night out. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, and like usual… I lie haaaa… yes Vinny, I have a boyfriend… for some strange reason he didn’t like me as much… aka no shots. So he asks if my boyfriend is alive, and I explain how he’s alive and well… later I explain how I left my boo in the states ;), then he asked if what happened in Florence stayed in Florence… so in order to get his loving attention and free shots I agreed.
We ask for more shots….” If you want free shots, we do sex” hahahahaha noo Vinny… No. we got them anyways and apparently we’re the first bunch to get 3 free shots… considering there were like 10 of us at 1 table, by the end Vinny loved us, and through some charm and sweet persuasion I got us a free bottle of champagne awaiting us the following evening, should be a sweet time… but tomorrow the heels are going on and we’ll see how much attention the pole gets… hahahaha I kid I kid, I love this place so far, let’s see how it goessss

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