Monday, May 11, 2009

Magical Maggiore and Clooney Cuomo: The Lakes

Traci and I pack up for what should be an interesting weekend, heading to the famous lakes of Italy, so famous that famous people actually own several homes there, one of the most well known would be the handsome George Clooney, of which I know where he lives now… hmmmmm. Anyways, so after one of those lovely bus rides, we arrive to what I would consider a nice hotel, so you know it’s nice. After check-in we tossed on our swimwear and headed down to the indoor pool and Jacuzzi.not.even.bad. Then we went up to the room, jammed out to some quality Kelly Clarkson, and headed down to meet for dinner. We clean up nice. After dinner, the gang headed to this bar, it was pretty chic, and totally Africanesque. After one of the worst drinks I’ve ever had in my life… yes I’m referring to a mai tai that tasted like warm celery juice, so not good. We called it an early one, due to the intense day ahead of us. Then we hit up Lake Maggiore, where royalty lived, as opposed to the rich and famous… what a drag, ha I'm kidding. We toured some palaces, which I considered looking into purchasing, but they just weren’t for me, Haha. But yea, we went island hopping, enjoying the scenery, lovely weather, and amazing seafood. Interestingly enough my favorite part was visiting the botanical gardens of the royal summer homes. I spent hours chasing around exotic birds and photographing them at their best, I was nothing short of intrigued, though at times the noises they made might have intimidated me slightly. After spending all day on private boat after boat, palace after palace, garden after garden, it was time for a swim, and this time, complete w/ champagne, compliments of Miles, our new friend from Alaska. Another night of getting all pretty, dining fine, and back to the African bar for some better choices of beverage and some dirty dancing… ahem Traci. Then got back, put down another bottle of champagne, and dialed my honey for a good while… pushing about 5 a.m.. woopsies, I slept through all alarms, including a wake up call and was a smidge late for the bus, sorry gang, too much champagne for this one… After packing and getting ready in less than 8 minutes, I was on the bus and ready to go, hit up a boat tour of lake Cuomo and headed to Milan in which I indulged in some Gucci sandals… another woopsies. Its ok, they were worth it. Headed back to Florence and slept like an angel. I’m not quite sure if I swam more in the indoor pools, the lakes, or the champagne, but either way I know the location of George Clooney, David Beckham, and Bobby Denairo at certain times of the year… hehe.

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