Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chocolate Rain

They say when it rains, it pours, but after my day in the rain, I must disagree. A day spent wandering the glistening streets of Florence with Paige and Emily made me sunny on the inside =). We spent our day exploring, discussing our travel plans, telling stories of our days before Florence and what we expect and so much more.
I've only known them barely a week but I feel like our new friendship is timeless. We frolicked through the streets without a care in the world, dancing in the rain and watching as the sun faught to shine down on us. We spent quite some time in a quaint cafe` near our apartment and enjoyed the company of authentic Florentines coming in and out, and grabbing their caffeine fix of the day.
Even something as simple as a design in my foam put a huge grin on my face. The capuccinos here are amazing and warm up my day at the start. After playing, and posing on the streets having fun with our cameras and what not, we stopped in a church, another cafe` for a light lunch and it finally occured to me that, I live in this amazing place for the next 4 months and these surroundings will soon be the norm. At the cafe` during some girl talk, we noticed the the employees were admiring us closely. We laughed and realized, a blonde, red head, and brunette... haha they must think we're like Charlie's Angels or something. Cheesy, but hey, we enjoyed it. He brought us 3 little desserts on a small platter of which were delish, and then Paige sees him drizzling white chocolate on some little espresso cups full of Italian hot chocoloate, saying, "Oh I hope he's making those for us", my naive self thought, "No Paige, he just brought us desserts, I'm sure people ordered those", soon enough he brought them over with a smile on his face as if it were Christmas morning so we laughed, and Paige suggested we make a concrete memory out of it and take a photo with our new friend. All this day made me realize was, so what if it rains on my parade, it's still a parade to me...

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