Friday, February 27, 2009

Masked Menace in Venice

After purchasing our 5:47 a.m. train ticket to Venice the evening prior, I decided to lay low in hopes that i would be awake and ready to take on the next day's festivities. I thought I was so great for picking out my outfit the night before, have everything laying on my bed waiting for me the next morning. I got up at 4:30 primped my hair, put on some crazy makeup, my cute attempt at a functional yet fashionable clothing choice, because if it wasn't obvious, one of the best parts of going to carnevale is being able to embrace the masquerade tradition, unfortunately, I never took my coat off to show my cute ensemble. After leaving the apartment abrupty I had a feeling I didn't have my ticket. It's a long story regarding the night before, but it wasn't really my fault for not having it where it was supposed to be the next morning, before you all roll your eyes at reading this. So I opted to run back to VDP (Via dei Pepi 73) and told the girls I'd meet them at the train station by taking a taxi. So I immediately called the service, politely asking for some transportational assistance (after the Amsterdam incident, I've learned my lesson) Since it was me that was late, obviously after the taxi took longer than they had told me, my driver picked me up, a pretty cool guy, and I express to him with the most urgency that my train is leaving in 6 minutes. He gives me a look, and I'm like either he's saying well, sucks to be you or, its on.Oh it was on alright, until we got stuck DRIVING BEHIND THE FLORENCE POLICE. You might laugh at me and be like she's so dramatic, but legit tell me who this would happen to. ANYWAYS, after we got away from the cops I had a near death experience or two, nothing 11 euro wouldn't pay for. Yup 11 euro, my train ticket to Venice was 14.50 euro, not a waste of money at all. One of two things that make this perfect: The train was about 40 minutes late. The second: They never checked the flippin tickets, I would get into the whole guess what I could've done, could've saved sprinting back to my appartment at 5:15 in the morning while all the creepers were out, could've saved myself from a few near death vehicular situations, or saved 11 euro... just saying. Our train ride was just as laid back as my attempt to make it to the train station. Thankfully, a Mexican family adopted us, and helped us when switching trains after the stations kept switching which trains were arriving at which number, ughh what a mess, but guess what, we made it, in one piece (physically) and there was a beautiful day waiting for us. We starting things off with a quick lunch, stopping at shops from time to time, getting gifts, and trying to make our way to San Marco's square to take part in the festivities we've been waiting for. People everywhere were wearing masks, and some full on outfits. Not gonna lie, some scared me cuz I couldn't see any of their expression. We had a few paparazzi moments, this Asian group even asked to take pictures with us, and obviously we laughed... then eagerly accepted. Then it was time... who goes to Venice without floating around on a gondola... I wasn't about to. Giorgio probably didn't win best personality for his senior superlatives, or most friendly, but we find a way to laugh at every situation, plus he let me wear that ballin hat. haa. He showed us the sites, and shared with us his uplifting feelings about Venice, and who's ruining it and how it's going to sink... for an unforgettable experience. FINALLY, yes after hours of wandering, shopping, admiring, and being silly, we made our way to some of the most amazing sights I have ever experienced. The floats. The woman spinning in some thing attatched to a hot air balloon. The masquerade couples dressed to the extreme. The stage performers. All were a sight for all to see. Everyone should go here once in his or her lifetime. Then we hit up the Murano Glass factory. If you know me, you have been likely to encounter my compulsive shopping problem. This was the case here as well. I got Sal a lil present... shhhh. (: As we left this city of carnevale amazement, it occurred to me, Venice was able to simultaneously make my heart sink and float down the canals at the same time.

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