Sunday, February 1, 2009

Market Madness

Our first adventure to the market was actually really fun. Though a little challenging to find, we made it and got the fresh fruits and veggies we've been dying for, we've been a little carb crazy since our arrival. We bought some of the highest quality ingredients for a greattt dinner we made later on. We were surrounded by vendors and Florentines trying to make the best deals around. I don't even wanna discuss what we paid, but it's fine since our dinner was fantastic. The finest pastas, bananas, mangoes, apples, green beans, bread, tomatoes, and pesto! Oh and we bought our "love fern", some pretty flowers to give our apartment some life and color. We worked up quite an appetite, especially after staring at food for so long, and made our way to the popular ZAZA, where our true american spirit showed, since we were the loudest and people in the restaurant, chatting, laughing, and everything in between, hence why europeans hate us, it's ok we had a good time. We then went home for a bit, back out to do some more shopping, made our fantastic meal, had a low key evening trying to plan our future travels and just enjoying eachother's company.

Florence, I think "You really got a hold on me" =)

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