Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Milanese Don't Say Please

After an almost hectic start… like usual right? We made it to the station ready to go, only to find out that the person in charge of taking us wasn’t coming. This poor lady, Angela, was left with the burden of a lifetime… a bunch of American students heading to Milan, meanwhile, the only reason she was on this trip was as a guest, to relax, and enjoy… didn’t quite go down that way. After an interesting train ride we arrive in the anticipated Milano. Yes everyone, Stella was in the fashion capital of the world… dun dun dun. Ha, it’s fine, I only did some minor damage. As much as I hate to say it, mmmminor disappointment. Not that there was anything wrong with it, I just feel like many of the other places I have been were exceptionally more pleasing to the eye. Witnessing my friends get mauled by pigeons, that was nice. It was just a city, nonetheless my spirits heightened when I saw the stunning cathedral. And to make things even better, 2 of my roommates were initially denied admittance due to their dress… and I would like to acknowledge the fact that I wasn’t. After maneuvering a scarf or 2, the ladies made it in for an amazing site. It was indeed beautiful. After our godly hour, no pun intended, we decided to do what we do best. Eat. Let’s just say that the Milanese don’t often say please, wait in line for their turn or shed a friendly smile, never mind an excuse me. These people were all business, and unfortunately, they didn’t know I was the same. Three old people cut me in line when I was trying to get my daily caffeine fix… cappuccino today. When the 4th tried I gave a stern “scusa”, made some serious eye contact, smiled, and got my damn coffee finally. Ugh the nerve. I soon found my way to what might be one of the most impressive displays of bodily movement. We went to a ballet in one of the most famous opera houses in Western Europe. Not to mention the dancers were amazing, as was the music, and the story line was entertaining. Nonetheless, it had to be too good to be true. Our 7-euro seats didn’t quite give us the best view in the house, so we did what any resourceful Americans would do, steal some better seats. Haha, oh karma. These 2 ladies kept standing in front of us, who we tapped every few minutes smiling politely, “Scusa Signora, ma non possiamo vedere”… “Grazie”… a few more dirty glances and finally, we got to relax… and enjoy. Needless to say, thankfully the fashion isn’t based on sparkling personalities because I’d have to say “no thank you” to the stunning apparel, chances are though, and they wouldn’t understand such a phrase because I sincerely doubt many of them have ever used it.

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