Monday, April 27, 2009

When in Rome: My Home Away from Home

After a couple of months living the high life, traveling every weekend, living on my own, there comes a point when I just want to feel taken care of again. When the opportunity arose, you know I had to take it. Luckily for me, my parents have good friends that live in Rome, Eva and Angelo are like a second set of parents to me, not to mention they just got a new puppy, Angelina. Needless to say that puppy took quite a bit out of me, but she’s cute, fun, and little crazy… nothing wrong with that =). Unfortunately, and fortunately, it was an all girls weekend. All the boys hit the states so it was just us 3. However, I did have the pleasure of spending some time with Mimmo, a family friend and incredible hairdresser, could there be a better combination. Ha. After my arrival at the train station, Eva and I took a cab to a restaurant, met with Mimmo and his friend Andrea. After a fantastic dinner, we went back to the apartment and slept like a baby. The next morning, I woke up, and Eva and I went into town to meet up with some of the girls that work at their office. We went to a gallery opening, the guy was legit amazing, however some of the lights weren’t working soooo, we had to cut it short. Eva and I did a little shopping, it figures the one trip I don’t bring heels to, and I have to buy some, although you can imagine that I wasn’t too upset about it. That night, I went to get dinner with Mimmo and his friends outside the city, in a castle turned restaurant, it was fun and loud, though there was a small language barrier, we made it through ok. The next day, Eva and I enjoyed the day walking around, visiting the Vatican so I could get some rosary beads, and spent hours at this cute restaurant in front of the Pantheon just laying in the sun, talking girl talk and enjoying our final hours before I head back to the Florence. It’s funny how a weekend away from my apartment in Italy, was where I felt most at home since I moved here in the first place. I guess that proves the point of “Home is where the Heart is.”

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