Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side: The Lucky Irish!

Gotta love those all nighters, sleep for 2 hours, take a cab, take a bus at 3:30 a.m., get to the airport, take an early flight, and arrive in Dublin, Ireland. We left the airport and went to find our other 4 friends that went the night before. We met them at their hostile, got breakfast, went by the guiness factory, went to a pub, then grabbed a train to Kilkenny, a town in the countryside. After arriving, through the rain, we made our way to our fantastic bed and breakfast. Our hosts, Val and Tom are the definition of hospitality. We were welcomed with tea and cookies, and a whole load of information on what to do, where to go, and where nice girls like us should never be. Hehe. It was somehow the greenest place I have ever seen, the grass was amazing, every lawn looked fake, and even the land that seemed it would lake maintenance was absolutely stunning, not a bad sight if I may say so myself. That night we got all cleaned up nice, and went out to get some famous fish and chips and hit some of the 78 pubs at our discretion. The food was amazing, I had a guiness with my meal, trying to get the whole authentic experience, not for me, its ok though, I tried. So we made our way from pub to pub, lots of live music, fun drinks, and we were in great company. The locals were so friendly. After a few jaegger bombs, and laughing so hard I could cry, we made it back to the hotel and slept for the first time in 2 days… so amazing. The next day we went to see a castle belonging to the Butler Family and then went horseback riding through the countryside. Sammy was my horse… boy did he do a number on me. After an intense day of riding, we went on an intense shopping spree, and another night of pub-crawling, still such a good time. The next morning we spent the day in a huge mall, no I was not upset about it, and made our way to a Hurling match, which I would consider a cross between hockey and lacrosse. Our team, the Kilkenny Cats had themselves a victory. It was quite exciting. We went back to Tom and Val’s and then made our way back to Dublin. It’s funny how you think you are so tired that all you want to do is lay in your bed and not even move, and you end up dressing to the nines going from pub to pub to club and staying out until all hours of the night, dancing, laughing, getting tossed around by the Dublin Futbol team and going to a 24 hour store to fulfill the drunk munchies you just acquired and then drunk dialing your honey for 45 minutes when it probably costs $4 a min. I know nothing of the sort of course… The next day… aka the morning after, there was a bit of struggle in the group, and it was raining all day, but we made our way through the city, touring around and then found ourselves heading back to the airport, and back to home sweet home in Florence. So it seems that even though things may not be perfect and that sometimes its gonna rain, but all that does is make a rainbow… and according to the Irish, there should be a pot of gold waiting at the end, and who would argue with that theory?

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