Monday, April 27, 2009

Visitors, Venice, and Verona

Weekend before midterms… what else to do then have 3 of your favorite ladies visit you for a weekend. The Webb twins and Leah came to see me for the middle part of their Italian getaway. After showing them around Florence for a bit on the first day, taking them to the markets, in which they got more of a hands on education than they ever could from just being told how it was. Within an hour or so, a man asked me if I was from New York because I seemed like a snob, and another man questioned the naturalness of my chest. Typical Italians. The next morning we ventured to Venice, which was round 2 for me. After some incidents hopping on the wrong bus and getting off at the wrong train stop, “Wait, why are there roads here… guysss, this is not right.” Haa, it was funny. Get it? Cuz there are no streets in Venice, its just water… ok anyways. So we walked around, obviously, got a lunch, not that great, went on a gondola ride… huge upgrade from Giorgio (my last gondolier). Ha this one looooooved Leah, it was great. So after that long day, we headed to Verona, my goodness were the people at the hotel legit miserable. So rude, not to mention the shower was in the middle of our hotel room, as in, not in the bathroom, 10 euros a show. We got a quick pizza at the restaurant around the block, considering the hotel had a “curfew”, which was fine because we were exhausted but really, calmati people, we’re 4 American girls, not terrorists. The next morning we had an amazing breakfast in one of the squares, complete with mimosas. Then we went on a horse and buggy tour around the city, which was dangerous… yet fun and amusing, plus we got to see everything. We ventured onto Juliette’s house, yes, the Juliette, as in Romeo and Juliette, it was cute, but we just spent most of our time in an embroidery shop, buying a bunch of stuff for our families at home, and getting a sneak peak at the suites upstairs. Leah and Janel probably wanted one of them, considering how romantic they’ve been the whole trip. Later that night we took this really inexpensive train back to Florence. Hmmm really inexpensive, I wonder why? Well, it could be due to the 2843809428403 stops we made, the fact that the other people on it were obnoxious high school girls, and the dudes that sell fake bags on the street, if you can imagine we did not end up sleeping much. We got back to Florence, got some dinner by the Duomo and went to a bar to reminisce on the weekend’s events. If you are wondering where the girls and I went, ALL of us back to my apartment. Mhmm yup these 3, all their luggage, Janel is drunk and arguing with me about fire safety, and thankfully Traci donated her bed to our cause so me and Jacqui spooned all night and god only knows with Leah and Janel did in my bed… The next day we climbed the Duomo… about 493 steps, totally worth the view, some British bitch called us rude Americans, when she should have really just minded her own business, and we waited 40 minutes for the best paninis in town, and we went to Santa Croce, which I walk by everyday and had yet to go in. Then we said our goodbyes, which thankfully meant I’ll see you next week in Boston.

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